One Year popspot Subscription


Boost Your Business

The popspot Subscription will increase foot traffic and increase sales by driving customer engagement and promoting customer retention. When an popspot user is nearby your business’s location, the user will be notified and presented with a customized in-app advertisement. The in-app advertisement can consist of promotions and discounts in exchange for the user’s profile information. The user can connect with your business by sending their name, email, address, and social media accounts. This information will be automatically sent directly to your preferred email address.

Building Customer Personas

The popspot Subscription will help your business develop customer profiles. When an popspot user is nearby and connects with your business, you will be provided with that users information. The full customer online profile consists of not only their name and email address, but all of their social media accounts as well. This allows your business to better understand and reach your target customer.

You will be billed $200 each year.

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